South Shore MS at Microsoft Coding Workshop

South Shore middle school girls took a field trip to Microsoft campus in Redmond. The girls were checked in and then seated at tables of eight to ten with computers.  The girls spent the morning working on coding a turtle. They were able to create a square, a flower, and swirls. They change the color and the shapes with their creations. They also played a fun game of Tetris. They were all engaged and enjoyed learning more about coding.

At lunch the students got to explore the building a little.  They had a wonderful lunch of pizza, salad and cookies.  They loved experience a huge refrigerator full of all the refreshing drinks they could think of. They also played with the dispensers in the bathroom. These are not things they normally experience at school.

Students listened to the speakers share their stories and then were invited to ask the panel questions. They liked hearing how each person took a different path to get a job a Microsoft, overcoming many obstacles along the way. They were particularly interested in the coding work done at Microsoft.


After the Panel

of students are more 
interested in STEM

of students would like to 
take a STEM course next semester

 Some quotes from our girls were:  

“The laziest coders are the best coders!!!

“I liked coding. It was fun and easy.”

Coding is super fun and a great experience for us!”

“The food was the bomb!!”

“It was pretty fun. We really liked that you could get FREE tampons and pads!!”


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Thank you so much. The girls are more interested in careers in technology and engineering after joining this Ignite Women in Technology panel.

Laura Tyler, Seattle Science Teachers