IGNITE Panel at Franklin HS






We had a great luncheon panel discussion at Franklin HS in which 20 girls grades 9th – 12th attended and thanks to the following volunteers, it was a success! Thank you to: Shaude' Moore, Jenn Hunter, Diana Antczak, Sarah Potter, and our very own Donna Lew. 

After this event:

of girls are more 

interested in STEM

of girls want to take a 
STEM related course next semester

of students want to 
study harder and graduate


Listed below are the girls responses to the following prompt:
What highlights did you enjoy from today’s event and how has this event inspired you?


  • “When we went over the numbers in women in certain fields, they motivated me by saying to not be discouraged by the small amount of women to men.” (11th)
  • “Hearing about how Sarah, being from a lower-middle-class family, went to Stanford and worked her butt off to pay for it.” (9th)
  • “I love listening to all the candidates stories. Their hardships and how it shape the person they are today!” (12th)
  • “I like that these women came from different backgrounds and situations, were given/found opportunity in the STEM field. There’s more opportunities out there that we aren’t aware of but should try now that we’ve learned about them. Scholarships, tuition, college, and path.” (12th)
  • “The women’s stories have inspired me to learn more about different  STEM careers.” (9th)
  • “I enjoyed the stories about their past. I loved how all these women took risks.” (11th)

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  • “They made the best out of themselves. They didn’t come from super rich families and so they built themselves up.” (11th)
  • “I enjoyed hearing the stories of risk-taking from the ladies in the panel.” (9th)
  • “I enjoyed learning about people’s life experience and how they got to where they are at now. This event inspired me to follow my interest and take risk.” (10th)
  • “The fact that these women work in companies that have a very small amount of females.”(9th)
  • “I really enjoyed listening to them speak about their experiences. And how even when they faced struggles they came out very successful.”(10th)
  • “It was really interesting hearing about these job opportunities, it really gave me ideas about my future.”(9th)