Bethel and Graham Kapowsin HS at Alliance Enterprises

Even though our excited anticipation presented our group from Bethel and Graham Kapowsin High Schools almost 30 minutes early, we were greeted with much enthusiasm by Lisa Gifford, who has been at Alliance for over 30 years!  Carrie and Molly got us set up with name tags and as Lisa got us settled in the Common Room, the day started to unfold with a common theme.  Our young women could easily observe the inspirational working environment, complete with robotic Lego displays, puzzle tables, and creative and collaborative workspaces.  It was easy to engage with Alliance’s friendly staff. Between Lisa and Wendy’s introduction of Alliance and what roles they play, the office tour, and the break out sessions, the girls learned a lot about different positions within this tech company, putting to rest perhaps the stigma that to work at a tech company, you need a tech or computer science degree!

When reading the evaluation surveys, our students have all commented on how passionate Alliance’s employees were about their jobs which contributed to why several of our students mentioned that they have changed their career path because of this opportunity.

After this event:


of girls are more 

interested in STEM

of girls want to take a 

STEM related course next semester

of students want to 
study harder and graduate


Here is a sample of our student's comments:

  • Tour was great because I was able to see how the office was run and that it isn't boring.:)
  • Breakout sessions were very informative. I liked the small break out groups.
  • It was really nice and the people seemed passionate about their jobs and having us there.  It was a great field trip.
  • I am now considering becoming a project manager instead of a nurse.
  • This field trip has really opened my eyes to new career interests.
  • The accounting "interview" really interested me and made me sure of wanting to pursue a career as an actuary
  • I loved the kind people and the environment This experieces has inspired me to open my mind to new possibilities.
  • I enjoyed learning that there was more than just programming. It inspired me to consider a tech based class.

Alliance Enterprises certainly Inspires Girls Now in Technology Evolution!  Thank you for the opportunity!

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