Thomas Jefferson HS at Zillow

Federal Way Public Schools Thomas Jefferson High School was given the opportunity to visit Zillow in Seattle. We took 30 diverse young women to learn more about careers in technology. It was such a wonderful experience for the scholars and they were really impressed with Zillow.

One of the highlights for the scholars was their interest in how the panel of women who work at Zillow got started and what steps they took in High School a technical/engineering degree or career
and in College to get to where they are now. Scholars were very engaged with the Panel.  Another highlight, was how the scholars had an activity they were assigned and watching them collaborate together to come up with ideas for an app, in the end they presented their app idea in front of a large group. It was really cool because some of the apps they came up with are apps I and others would really benefit from. I was so impressed. The Zillow staff were amazingly kind to our scholars and very generous with their snacks and candy lounge. Thank you Kylie Rassatt, Joanna Khachikian, the entire IGNITE Panel and every volunteer who helped plan this truly inspiring trip!


After this event:


of girls are more interested in a technical/engineering degree or career

girls want to study harder to further their education



Comments from the girls:

I liked the activities we did and also the panel. The activities expanded my creativity and the panel inspired me for what I wanna do in the future.

The highlights that I enjoyed was collaboration with my friends. The panel was very helpful as well. The event inspired me b/c seeing the women achieve great things made me believe I could do it as well.

Hearing the volunteers' experiences made me think to work harder for what I want to pursue. 2. Seeing the employees collaborate together, basically everywhere. They also look like they were having fun J

Mainly being able to see what happens and what you do to make an app. And this inspired me to go more into computer science and web design.

What I enjoyed was the code making, the brainstorming and mapping. What inspired me was the progression of opportunities for women in STEM.