STEM Workshops and IGNITE Panel at Franklin Pierce HS

Franklin Pierce High School hosted a STEM workshop and IGNITE Panel with 60 students.  The students split into two groups to attend an Informatics workshop, lead by UW student Mary Huibregtse; and Microsoft's Small Basic Coding workshop by Archana Iyer .

For the Informatics workshop Mary had students develop their own metric based on class-developed data to measure a certain value. This exercise introduced important topics in the Data Science field.

At the Microsoft Small Basic Coding Workshop, Archana introduced many students to coding for the first time. The students loved creating the turtle and learning how easy coding can be.

After the workshops, an IGNITE Panel of 4 women shared their experiences about the paths they took to their current STEM careers. Thank you Brittany Nelson, Anneka Boccio, Marta Smith, Chris Chang, and Archana Iyer for speaking on the Panel. Thank you  Mary Huibregtse and Archana Iyer for the amazing workshops!


After this event:

of the students reported that the experience continued or expanded their interest in a STEM career or degree

of girls want to study harder to attend college and further their education

51%     of students would like to take a STEM related course next semester


Comments from the students:

  • The Small basic turtle shown me that coding is easier than what I thought it would be and made me want to learn more about coding. 
  • I enjoyed hearing more about computer science and it inspired me because now I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I really enjoyed listening to the speakers personal stories. After hearing the uncertainties they experienced, I feel more inspired to look at other career choices. 
  • I enjoyed the programming workshop this has inspired me to learn more about programming. 
  • I liked the workshop- I just thought it was fun. The panel- it was interesting to see how each woman came from a different background but still thrived. 
  • The highlight was learning the opportunities and seeing how you can make a difference and how not only men are able to do that job but women too. 
  • I liked when they spoke about there experiences and how we should do what we like. 
  • I enjoyed the panel of speakers. They were all kind and very helpful to those who had aversions. I want to do a STEM career, knowing these women do it means I can. 
  • What I enjoyed was coding to make the turtle move. it changed my views on coding - I always thought coding was hacking but it's different and fun. 
  • Viewing and listening to various backgrounds of successful women. This has inspired me because it opened up my viewpoints on technology and engineering. 
  • This event inspired me to go into a technology career. I loved hearing the Panel members stories and how they got to where they are today. Very inspirational!!!