Federal Way Schools at Deloitte Digital

On June 8, 2018, Federal Way Public Schools took 30 diverse young women to Deloitte Digital!

Deloitte and their amazing team were very welcoming to our students. The girls got a tour of the building and an overview of the services that Deloitte provides it’s customers.

They then divided into two groups – one for Engineering and Development and one for UX/Visual Design. Each group was tasked to create an application and Rube Goldberg Machines in small collaborative groups. Each group was supported by members of the talented team at Deloitte! They then shared their final products with peers and the Deloitte team.

We ended the day with lunch, and an inspirational panel and Q&A discussion with women in STEM at Deloitte.


After attending this event:
86% of the scholars reported that the were inspired to study harder to attend college and further their education.
99% of the scholars reported that this event made them more interested in careers in STEM.


Here are some highlights the girls enjoyed:

“I enjoyed doing hands on work and collaborating with other people. Also it was nice to learn from women who work in the field.

“This was AMAZING! Being able to hear from so many inspirational women and to be able to create my own app.”

“This inspired me to try new things that I might not think will be interesting to me. I really liked this event.”

“I liked how open they were with sharing their experiences with us.”

“I liked that there was a woman of color on the panel. Made me think I can do this.”

“The panel was the best. It inspired me to keep being curious.”

Deloitte in awesome!

“I enjoyed the panel because it showed the real struggles women in this field go through and it was very helpful. We should do more of these events!”


Thank you IGNITE and Deloitte for inspiring this young women! We look forward to partnering with you again in the future.

Charissa Eggleston, Federal Way Public Schools