Empowering Students in STEM: IGNITE Worldwide Partners with World Affairs Council for TechGirls Field Trips

Microsoft Field Trip Enriches International Students’ Tech Perspective

On Monday, July 24, IGNITE Worldwide partnered with the World Affairs Council to organize an illuminating field trip to Microsoft. This trip catered to a group of international students from South and Central Asia as part of the World Affairs Council’s TechGirls summer exchange program.

The day started with a visit to the Microsoft Industry Experience Center, where students marveled at real-world examples of innovation. Led by Collin Vandament, Microsoft Tour Guide, the students gained insights into technology’s role in areas like autonomous solutions, self-driving cars, and RFID technologies transforming retail.

The event’s second half featured lunch and an IGNITE Panel discussion with four accomplished Microsoft professionals – Anjalika Mitra, Sowmya Keshavaiah, Megan Schumacher, and Catherine Zhao. The panelists shared their journeys, offered advice on career choices and self-advocacy, and emphasized the value of education and work-life balance.

The students actively engaged with the panelists, delving into topics ranging from university choices to interview preparation. The event left the students inspired and empowered to envision a future in tech.

Remitly Field Trip Inspires TechGirls to Envision Change

On Tuesday, July 25, the TechGirls students embarked on a captivating field trip to Remitly, a global digital financial services provider headquartered in Seattle, WA. The students were welcomed into the Remitly space, where they discovered technology’s pivotal role in revolutionizing financial services for immigrants and their families.

Guided by Kristi Romain, Program Manager for Customer Empathy, and Lauren Curtis, Senior Manager for Product Design, the students explored Remitly’s commitment to trust, reliability, and transparency in cross-border remittances. They were immersed in Remitly’s app experience, uncovering the mechanisms that bring peace of mind to customers sending money back home.

The highlight was a hands-on app design activity, where students teamed up with Remitlians to create innovative solutions addressing real-world challenges. From community volunteerism to enhancing teacher-student connections, the students showcased their creativity and desire to make a positive impact.

Four inspiring Remitly professionals – Katrina Tioseco, Lauren Curtis, Snigdha Singh, and Yezy Lim – shared their journeys, offering insights into the tech industry and emphasizing the importance of overcoming challenges and pursuing goals.

The TechGirls departed with a newfound excitement for tech, a deeper understanding of STEM applications, and a positive impression of Remitly’s commitment to changing lives through trusted financial services.

These two remarkable field trips exemplify the IGNITE Worldwide and the World Affairs Council’s shared commitment to nurturing young talent, fostering diversity in STEM, and connecting students with industry professionals who ignite their passion for innovation.

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