IGNITE Field Trip to Group14 with Olympic View K-8

The IGNITE Worldwide Field Trip to Group14 in Seattle, WA on May 6, 2024, brought together students from Olympic View K-8 and Volunteers from Group14. Among the Volunteers were Charlotte Flanagan and Amber Zeop, who took on multiple roles including greeters, tour guides, and activity leaders. Michelle Toi and Erica Eggleton stepped up as small group leaders, while a panel of experts including Emma Cave, Senior Scientist, Carolina Vinado, Research Engineer, and Abi Dhanabalan, Director of Research and Development, shared insights into the world of battery technology and research.

The day kicked off with excitement as students dived into the fascinating world of battery technology. Charlotte and Amber greeted the students with energy, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience. As the students stepped into Group14’s facilities, they were met with an array of hands-on activities designed to spark their curiosity.

A highlight of the day was the interactive sessions, during which students got their hands dirty, quite literally, experimenting with lemons, potatoes, and graphite pencils. Under the guidance of the Volunteers, the students created circuits using these everyday items. From powering LED lights with graphite pencil drawings to running a small clock with the humble lemon, the students were amazed at the power they held in their hands.

After the activities, students heard from the Panelists who shared their expertise, shedding light on the importance of batteries and energy in our daily lives. Emma, Carolina, and Abi impressed the students with their stories and insights, inspiring them to explore careers in STEM fields. As the day drew to a close, the students left with a newfound appreciation for science and technology, fueled by the knowledge that they too could make a difference in the world.

Thank you to Charlotte Flanagan, Amber Zeop, Michelle Toi, Erica Eggleton, Emma Cave, Carolina Vinado, and Abi Dhanabalan for their incredible dedication and enthusiasm. Your efforts as Greeters, Tour Guides, Activity Leaders, Facilitators, and Panelists inspired and empowered the students. Special thanks to Charlotte for organizing this event and ensuring that Group14’s inaugural IGNITE Field Trip was a resounding success! We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Corie Hooker for her incredible support for her students and their participation in the IGNITE Program.

After attending this event:


of students are interested in STEM

Take STEM Class


of students know more about STEM career choices and the benefits of working in a STEM field

Ask Teacher about Additional STEM Activities


of students feel more confident in pursuing STEM


of students gained perspective and feel more hopeful about the future

Here’s what the students thought of the event:

I was inspired and now know what I want to be. I also liked meeting people in STEM.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

This event inspired me when the volunteers talked about confidence and trying many things out. I learned a lot and I don’t think I can choose one to be my favorite. If I had to it would be the activity with the lights and a battery.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

This event inspired me. The potato and lemon battery activity was fun!” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

This event was good, I liked it! The lemon activity was cool.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

This event inspired me to work hard to work in interior design.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

It made me think about my career. My favorite activity was building the circuits.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

It inspired me to speak up more or else I’m not heard. It made me have more confidence in speaking.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

Today inspired me by learning STEM. I liked the lemon and the potato activity.” – 6th Grade IGNITE Student

About Group14:

Founded to enable the electrification of everything, Group14 is the world’s leading commercial manufacturer and supplier of silicon battery technology. Today, Group14 is working with more than 80 customers globally, which represent 95% of worldwide battery production.

About IGNITE Program Field Trip Events:

IGNITE Field Trips offer a memorable, behind-the-scenes look at STEM in action and the wide range of career opportunities at the host company. Company employees interact directly with the students through an office tour, hands-on STEM activities, and IGNITE Panel and Q&A discussion.

About IGNITE Worldwide:

IGNITE Worldwide is a 501(c)3 nonprofit STEM education organization that aims to change gender and racial equity in STEM permanently and systematically. We work directly with teachers during the school day to provide programming that promotes gender equity and representation in STEM academics and careers. Through our award-winning program, IGNITE provides engaging, hands-on events that connect students with STEM professionals from industry leaders from around the world. Learn more at www.igniteworldwide.org.

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