Elementary School Show-and-Tell & Mini Panel

Join IGNITE to inspire girls/non-binary students in 1st-5th grade!

IGNITE aims to introduce girls/non-binary students to high wage/high demand STEM fields where womxn are underrepresented, such as technology and engineering. Womxn working in these fields are highly encouraged to sign up as panelists!

During this IGNITE virtual mini-panel, you will share your story and also show off 2 or more visual aids, such as wearing your work uniform or sharing a product or project you’ve worked on, so students can get a visual introduction to your job. See visual aid examples here. You will get a chance to answer students’ questions during the Q&A discussion.

Volunteers should be comfortable speaking with young children (ages 6-10) in kid-friendly language.

In order to make sure the girls get the most out of the experience, panelists are required to take our new 2021 video training and attend a short coaching session with IGNITE.

PLEASE NOTE: Since only 2 panelists are participating in each mini panel, we want to ensure students are exposed to a variety of opportunities in STEM. If your job is similar to another panelist who has already signed up, we may ask you to participate in the next event instead.

Sold out!


Wednesday, Feb 03, 2021


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Lauren Johnson