IGNITE Students Participating in Activity During IGNITE Field Trip

Event Recorder Needed for Field Trip at Planet Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Inspire IGNITE Students in STEM during an IGNITE Field Trip to Planet at 645 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107!

IGNITE aims to increase gender diversity in high-wage/high-demand STEM fields, such as technology and engineering.

Students will participate in a lab tour of the stunning satellite lab, see mission control, perform a technical activity (a day in the life of a satellite, extracting data from images), and hear from women across various departments in the company about their journeys!

Planet has a constellation of >250 Earth-imaging satellites that they use to take a photo of the entire planet, every day. These photos are used to track change around the world — for agriculture, deforestation, urban growth, and more. Students will be able to see how these satellites are built and operated and how unique data is extracted from the resulting images.

You can help capture the inspiration during this event by signing up to be an IGNITE Event Recorder and writing an event summary for the IGNITE Worldwide website.

No COVID protocols have been specified.


Wednesday, Apr 05, 2023


Pacific Time
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Amber Zertuche