Telecom Network Building Workshop with Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum

Telecom Network Building Workshop with Women's Wireless Leadership Forum

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of telecommunications! Learn how to build cell towers, negotiate deals, and even climb to the top (from the safety of the classroom). This workshop unlocks new skills and opens doors to the some of the coolest careers in tech! Learn more about WWLF at

Students will delve into the heart of telecommunications. From constructing their own cell towers and negotiating lease agreements to exploring the safety aspects of tower climbing and safeguarding the environment, this interactive workshop equips students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of the telecom industry. Uncover the exciting array of career opportunities awaiting in this ever-evolving field, preparing students for a future where innovation and connectivity meet.

This Workshop is available at your school for students in grades 4-postsecondary, in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Oakland, and the immediate surrounding areas.

Only teachers, counselors, or adult staff members at a school can sign up for IGNITE events. If you are a student, please let the IGNITE Educator at your school know that you are interested in this event. If you don’t have IGNITE at your school, please email to get started!

Educators, be sure to take our short 2023-2024 educator training before signing up for this event.