Katsina Chapter IGNITE meeting – 9th November, 2013

Date: 6th November 2013

Event Summary

The program went fine today, as per schedule. Abdulhakeem was on venue to coordinate the program, which lasted 2 hours and was s divided in 5 segments, all for the training of the girls on the Basic Information Technology.

The girls learnt about IGNITE, how IGNITE works, the events and the opportunities derivable from it. One of the girls, Taofeeqat, who had the opportunity of traveling to US in October/November 2012 for Youth Leadership Program (YLP) and pioneered 4-H International Club in the school said that –

Meanwhile, the program ended well. The chapter would be taking some girls to the State University very soon for a field trip.


I am inspired by programs like this. I met lot of technologies on my way to and from US. Everything is technology. It is very important for a girl like me to become involved in sustainable development through IGNITE.

The third and the fourth session or segments were about the girls in the school’s computer laboratory. Lastly, the school club matron and the administrative manager addressed the girls: “I really appreciate IGNITE because it opens doors for every one of us technologically. said the matron.

The school management assisted the club by providing a conducive hall for the meeting, projector was also provided by the school and the school will ever be ready to assist the club.” said the school administrative manager.

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