Franklin High School Visits Blink

Date: March 6, 2014

HI All,

It was a wonderful visit to Blink for the young women from Franklin HS IGNITE chapter. They got a tour of the company and a lunch and panel presentation from the wonderful women at Blink.


We want to thank the ladies for doing an amazing job connecting with the girls, sharing their stories and caring so much about educating them on the great opportunities in Tech careers for women today.


We want to thank Karen Clark Cole, owner and President of Blink for inviting us to visit each year. Karen clearly has a commitment to educating girls in our community about careers in STEM and particularly opportunities that they might never even think about .


Thank you to Lauren Brown, Sales, Brigitt Rains, Project Management, Sarah Shean-Amos, Project Management, Amy Dickson, Marketing, Michi Broman, Project Management, Jessica Munsey Project Management, and Lauren Martin, Sales.


You were all so wonderful and we appreciated this experience so much.


Also, thank you to Julie O’Brien, Math Teacher at Franklin HS and the IGNITE Leader at Franklin for the last 2 years. Julie has really packed in IGNITE activities in the last two years and we are so fortunate to have her, she is so committed to making sure so many girls get as many of these kinds of opportunities as possible.


Here are the comments from the girls survey forms:


  • I loved the presentations of all of these fascinating women. The opportunities in life and how to accomplish your dreams. Grade 10
  •  I like that people who had experience on technology come to talk to us about it. I heard that you have to believe in yourself, and never quit on the stuff you love to do. Grade 10
  •  I like how we got to know about how people got to where they are today and their struggles of how they got there. Also, that people change their minds so much and had many jobs they quit, but they’re still successful. Grade 10
  •  The women and how they today their stories and where they came from and how they got to the place they are at now. It was so interesting to hear their experiences at Blink and what each one does now. Grade 10
  •  I liked all of the stories we heard from each speaker and how each of them tells me something about making decisions in life and picking different paths. I think the most interesting thing that I heard today has how Blink works and how everyone who works here has different experiences.  Grade 10
  •  I liked the discussion about college and how to prepare yourself, It helped me a lot. It gave me opinions on how I can prepare. Many of the speakers went through other jobs before choosing where they wanted to be.  Grade 10
  •  I liked all of the life stories that the guest speakers told us. How they got to Blink and how it wasn’t easy finding success. Their life stories were really interesting. I’ve learned to follow my dreams. The most interesting thing I heard today was that one of the guest speakers wanted to be a ice cream truck driver when she was younger. I found that really funny. Grade 11
  •  I like how we were able to learn about the women. And how it was on their journey to now. Also about what Blink does as a company. The most interesting thing I learned today was about the companies that support Blink and how they support people /companies all over the world. Grade 11
  •  I liked when each person that gave us a talk at Blink gave us their personal experience, and also advice on everything. How they found what they enjoy doing a job and how to get there. About life and experience in general. Grade 10
  •  I liked when the ladies were talking about their careers and college. It showed me that its okay to change your mind and go on adventures. The most interesting thing I heard was about college. College is for exploring and finding yourself. Grade 10
  •  What I liked about the event today was I get to sit down and listen to different women talk about their path to careers they are working in now. I liked listening to their stories and learning things I had not learned yet. The most interesting thing I learned today was that finding a job that fits you isn’t easy, but its okay as long as you know what you are doing. Grade 10


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