Highline Tech Fest


Feedback from Highline’s Tech Fest:

  • 88% said this career experience helped them better understand their future interests and plans after high school.
  • 92% said this experience helped them think about school in a new way or motivated them to do better in school.
  • 100% said we should offer this event again in the future.

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Notable Quotes

    • Don’t doubt yourself because it is unimaginable what you might become in the future. “This motivated me to become a better student.”
    • “It made me have more confidence in what I want to do and make a better plan.”
    • “One of the speakers story made me realize I shouldn’t give up no matter how hard life gets.”
    • “The panel was super inspirational and the speed networking helped me develop new skills.”
    • “Shaking hands with the professionals was scary at first, but then I got used to it. I was nervous I would forget what I wanted to say, but I gained confidence by the end of it.”
    • “I really liked the demos, especially the circuit pen – it was so cool! I also got to meet Dr. Enfield and she even hugged me!!!”
    • “Don’t doubt yourself. You can do more than you think you can.”
    • “The career mentors really helped me think about my future career.”
    • “Just don’t give up.”
    • “I got to learn professional body language and also the different types of career opportunities.”
    • “It gives us motivation and makes us rethink our future.”


Isn’t this so wonderful?  I’ve shared these survey results with all of the professional volunteers.  They were amazing and I am so grateful to them, and to you, for supporting this work.  THANK YOU.