Eckstein Middle School IGNITE Panel Discussion


Our first IGNITE event of the year was a massive success.  With just over 60 girls attending, the 5 panelists offered great information on their paths to success in their STEM careers.  Students were very engaged in the question and answer section, asking many important follow up questions to the panel.  Personal connections were made and a lot of girls walked away with a new take on just what they are capable of becoming in STEM.


A massive thank you to our 5 panelists:

  • Marcy Rugland
  • Rachel Pepple
  • Crystal Inniss
  • Kathie Flood
  • Jami Oster


Some quotes from student evaluations:

What did you like the best about today’s event?

  • I liked that we got to hear real people’s story’s, it wasn’t just a slide show
  • I liked the part when they talked about there was no one to guide them and they did it themselves
  • Just hearing about where these women were at at our age was very encouraging.  I loved hearing what their plan was then, and what it is now
  • I liked how it was run by women and they all told real experiences
  • I loved the event, and you all made me think about college differently today.  So maybe I won’t be a vet, I want to be a technician


What was the most interesting thing that you heard today?

  • Most of the women had not actually thought about getting technology based jobs before and even during college
  • Many of these women started their actual career later in life
  • Most of these women didn’t know what they wanted to do until after college
  • Almost all the women didn’t start out with these careers and most of them didn’t start there – they worked their way up