TUNE and Microsoft IGNITE Panel at Ballard HS



Ballard High School hosted a panel of women from TUNE and Microsoft in a social gathering where girls could hear about their roles in the industry and what it took for them to get to their current positions. The event was really well received with 36 girls in attendance. We had pizza from Mod Pizza so everyone could enjoy a bite to eat while listening to panel. After the panel was done introducing themselves, the girls had time to meet in small groups with each panelist and ask more in-depth questions. Girls and panelists were engaged for the full ninety minutes and everyone seemed to enjoy the discussion.


From Microsoft (Skype): From TUNE:
Kavita Kamani Ali Wulf, Heather Wade, Sarah Strano

Quotes from student evaluations:

What highlights did you enjoy from today’s event and how has this event inspired you?

9th Graders:

  • The one-on-one talks with the visitors.
  • I was inspired by how they found their way.
  • It was cool to see other women in the industry.
  • It has inspired me to try new classes.
  • I enjoyed hearing all the ladies personal stories of how they got into the industry and it inspired me because it showed me that your background doesn’t matter that much.

10th Graders:

  • Hearing their personal experience and how much computer science has to offer. I really liked how the panelists came from different backgrounds and are in similar jobs.
  • The one-on-one questioning and talking about what to do in college to pursue this field.
  • Learning about the possibilities and opportunities.
  • I liked hearing people’s personal experiences and challenges.
  • It was very cool and helpful to hear successful women talk about how they came about their job and their personal struggles in the industry.
  • I want to go to a hackathon and learn code.
  • Learning about different paths in a field and learning about typical days and benefits.
  • I didn’t know there were different fields in computer science and learning those things made me more interested in the field.
  • The different things that are unique which each person is doing and the opportunity to really explore what you love in a practical way.
  • It was really cool and inspiring to hear everyone’s different stories on how they go t into the tech industry!

12th Graders:


  • Being able to talk to the speakers in smaller groups and hearing what is like and what they do in their jobs.