Evergreen Campus at ExtraHop

Beth and the ExtraHop Team!
I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to you, the ExtraHop Team (Margot Kriete, Rian Nanthrup, Lisa Weir, Rachel Pepple, Palvi Mehta) and IGNITE for making this career trip happen for the young ladies of Technology, Engineering and Communications High School.  These young ladies enjoyed the panel, the food, view and networking! I was excited about the connections that were made with each student you all came in contact with.
In the surveys I found these comments:
“It is okay to change your career.”
“I heard that women can do anything.”
“This experience made me want to better myself and gather the knowledge I can while I’m young.”
“We can do anything in life.”
“I heard some women that do coding talk. I learned that engineers don’t have to do coding, they can use communication skills and coding.”


Again, this was great and I thank you again and look forward to future collaborations Have a Happy Holidays!!!
-Roderick C. Booker