IGNITE Panel at Ingraham HS


Thirty-eight girls attended the IGNITE Panel at Ingraham HS. The Panel consisted of Amanda Culp, Monica Martin, Gaia Carini, Hillary Prather, and two students from Ingraham. It was an inspiring Panel that was followed up by an inquisitive and thoughtful q&a. A school counselor was also able to present about current STEM scholarships and internships available to the girls. Thank you to all who attended and helped make the event so thought provoking.

After the Panel

of students are more 
interested in STEM

of students would like to 
take a STEM course next semester

Comments from the girls

  • I liked hearing the speakers talk about how they got to where they are today and I realized it does not matter that I’m not experienced at coding. I also liked hearing about their experience as a woman in a male-dominated world.
  • Learning about different paths in engineering/technology I feel inspired to continue to try to find what I love to do and what I want to be.
  • I liked how the women talked about how they got into Tech. It made me realize that by trying something you are unsure about you may fall in love with something great.
  • I liked hearing about how you don’t need to know what you want to be and it’s OK to go into something completely unfamiliar in college. I thought it was helpful to identify the traits that are good to have if you want to go into CS
  • What inspired me the most was the topic that anything can relate to technology and computer science. I am glad I can do other things that I love while doing programming and engineering.
  • I really enjoyed hearing the panel speakers talk about their life paths to computer science. This gave me a real life example of women in STEM which made it seem more like a real option for my future.
  • I thought it was really interesting that the women didn’t code before college.  I thout it was also interesting that they all did different things and came from different backgrounds but all ended up being successful.
  • A highlight was, "Learning about internship opportunities".
  • I like how they showed statistics and how little women were involved. There should be more.
  • The presentations were phenomenal. The event help me to realize if I properly applied myself I could have a future in the tech industry
  • The women on the panel were super nice
  • Hearing positive things about females working in the industry inspired me to more seriously consider it as a career