IGNITE Panel at Middle College HS


We want to take a moment to thank the inspirational panelists for presenting to the students. Our students were intrigued with the diversity of our speakers as they entered the classroom.  A few students who were unsure about the event suddenly started to look and listen to the various trajectories each one of our panel members had in their careers. Students shared that they were surprised to hear these women panel members who had such different paths such as: a radio marketing manager is now an account director, a civil engineer goes to Alaska to problem solve structural issues, a  yoga instructor is now a programmer, an immigrant who is now a programmer, an engineer in Q & A gets to test and break things and a photographer who is now owns her own business that contracts with technology companies.  This varied group of women showed the girls that even if they don’t think they might pursue engineering degrees in college there are other ways to enter and be successful in the technology field.   One of the presenters brought a demo of an intelligent personal device so the students got to see the how it worked and discussed the development phases.


After this event:


of students are more 
interested in STEM

of students would like to 
take a STEM course next semester


Also, the lunch really gave the students a chance to connect and ask questions on a more personal level with pizza, salads and holiday candy. One of the students shared that she had never thought STEM would be something she might pursue since she has always wanted to be a social worker but now she is open to exploring more careers.

Another student shared that she felt very inspired because learning about these women’s journeys and how challenging it has been yet these professional women worked their way up in their respective companies. She enjoyed the presentation about the radio station employee who now owns her own business with many twists and turns in her career. Moreover, the engineer encouraged her to consider digital design in fashion since it requires both a technical and creative side. Her passion was always in fashion since a young age.  She wanted to thank the panel members since she knows they are busy in their fields and passionate about their careers.

Once again with much gratitude to our fabulous panelists: Virgina Bind, Lindsey Childres, Jessica Garcia, Katie Grimes, Lyrana Hughes and Marta Smith who opened the door to the possibility of STEM careers for our students by sharing their paths to  success. One last common theme students shared was—You never know where life will take you so don’t limit yourself!!

Comments from the girls:

I enjoyed learning about different womens career journeys. I am now interested in engineering.- Grade 11

I'm inspired by the wider range of opportunities there are to travel and expand what you want to do in the world.- Grade 12