IGNITE Panel’s at South Shore MS

South Shore Pre K- 8 and IGNITE hosted Women in Technology Panel's for our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Middle school females. The  Panel's consisted of service operations managers from Microsoft, Microsoft engineers, a project manager from Amazon, and a Boeing engineer manager. Students listened while they ate their pizza. They were in small groups where they discussed and shared what they each had heard from the panel.  Students listened to the speakers share their stories and then were invited to ask the panel questions. They were particularly interested in the coding work done at Microsoft.

After this event:

of students want to 
study harder and graduate

of students are more 
interested in STEM


 Some quotes from our girls were:  

"It inspired me to learn more about engineering." - 6th Grade

"I loved it when they talked about how girls can do anything boys can do." -6th Grade

"We should never let anyone tell us 'we can't' ." -6th Grade

"Hearing experiences was inspiring because I always wanted to travel but I never had enough money and knowing that's how these women were able to do it gave me hope knowing I could also do it. " -8th Grade

"This inspired me to eep going in life and not give up." -8th Grade

"Some of the highlights from this event was the background stories because it tells us what you came from, so we don't give up even if we struggle." -8th Grade

I wanted to thank Ana Nicacio, Gabriella Smith, Sarah Potter, Becca McHenry, Shaude' Moore, and Tanya Parker for coming to South Shore and speaking to our young ladies about STEM careers.  Seeing women in STEM fields as role model expands my students ideas about what they can be and achieve in their lives.  Many of them have little exposure to the variety of STEM Careers that could be available to them. Hearing your stories makes those careers more tangible. We truly do appreciate you taking time out of your busy work schedule to share with us about your jobs and how you came to be doing them.  Thank you so much. The girls are more interested in careers in technology and engineering after joining this Ignite Women in Technology panel.   


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