Franklin HS at Microsoft Coding Workshop

23 girls from Franklin HS attended a trip to Microsoft for a coding workshop and had an inspiring day! Microsoft volunteers guided the girls through (for many) their first experience with coding and had an amazing time. The girls were able to break up into small groups for the coding and get personalized help and the opportunity to talk with the volunteers. The girls were so impressed with themselves and the workshop. After coding we were treated to an awesome lunch and got to hear an inspiring Panel tell their stories. The girls had great questions and every panelist had such genuine insight and thoughtful responses. Thank you Microsoft for this day

After this event:

of girls are more interested in STEM

of girls want to study harder to attend college and further their education


What highlights did you enjoy from today's event and how has this event inspired you?


"Hearing people talk about their experience, food, and coding" (9th Grade)
"The small coding groups." (9th grade)
"I enjoyed when we had lunch and the people talked to us." (10th Grade)
"Playing on the computer because I got a hands on experience," (10th grade)
"I enjoyed talking to the Microsoft workers and the food" (10th Grade)
"When we did the coding" (10th grade)
"Learning how to code," (10th grade)
"Being hands on with coding," (10th grade)
"Learning how to code," (10th grade)
"When we got to learn how to code, and when the employees were answering questions," (11th grade)
"The representation of women of color in technology and how our career paths can further our learning of technology," (9th grade)
"I enjoyed the coding this has inspired me to continue coding" (9th grade)
"The coding workshop that we did on the laptop." (9th grade)
" I enjoyed the coding activity and I liked hearing each women's status," (9th grade)
"TO CODE! DO something I live and enjoy." (9th grade)
"I enjoy hearing the employee's stories," (9th grade)
"The coding workshop," (12th grade)
"Q and A, coding" (10th grade)
"Learning how to code. I would be interested in being in the tech field," (11th grade).
"I enjoyed how they talked about women in the tech industry and how there should be more," (11th grade).