Aptos MS Coding Workshop with Redfin

On Monday, October 1st, 25 volunteers from Redfin (www.redfin.com) came to Aptos to facilitate a coding workshop using “Flappy Bird” for 42 of our 7th-8th grade girls who were interested in exploring their interests in coding and tech.  In addition, an all female career panel also spoke of their experiences being women in the industry, their challenges, and the path that got them to where they are now. The girls loved to hear about the panelists’ experiences and to recognize that it will not always be easy, but to never give up! Redfin also graciously provided lunch for our young coders and volunteers.  70% of the girls said that the event made them more interested in exploring the field of coding while 30% of the girls said the event continued to sustain their interest in the field. 100% of the girls were on board to continue attending STEM events in the future and were clearly inspired by the event! Special thank you to Jason Zhou for coordinating the Redfin volunteers and the event on their side!

After this event:

of girls are more interested in STEM

of girls want to study harder to attend college and further their education


Here are just a few quotes from the girls about the event:

  • “Go towards what you want to do and if it doesn’t work out, its OK!”

  • “This event inspired me to do what I like to do.”

  • “This event inspired me to take advantage of the opportunities that we have in and outside of school.”

  • “I loved finding out that it doesn’t matter when you start coding, as long as you are determined you can achieve your goals.”

  • “I enjoyed coding. It inspire me to code at home.”

  • “This event inspired me by wanting more of us women to be more into coding.”