Mission High School at Sony PlayStation

On October 11, 2018, 23 young women and non binary students visited Sony Playstation from Mission High School in San Francisco, CA. 
On this IGNITE trip, students explored career pathways as they took a tour of the building. Students were shown the sound studios, where the soundtracks to their favorite games are mixed. Students were then shown some of the new Artificial Intelligences (AI) technology that will be included in future Playstation products and interacted with robots and virtual reality games. 
Students also listened to a panel of professionals detail their experiences and how they ended up in their career fields. The girls left with Playstation t-shirts, lunch boxes and other cool swag!
Our invitation was in collaboration with the Hispanic Heritage group on the Playstation campus, which allowed for a group of our bilingual students to interact, tour, and ask questions in Spanish. 
All students spoke about how they were surprised in the amount of diversity among the workforce. Our English Language Learners remarked how much they enjoyed meeting, and eating lunch with some of the South American professionals- and felt more confident asking questions in their native language. 
Special thanks to Darchele Smith, J Talavera, and Karine Ramani for organizing all the workshops, food, and the inspiring panel of professionals at Playstation! Thank you to all the volunteers who made the day special for our students and for the awesome swag!
-Brigitte James, IGNITE Advisor, Mission High School and Amber Zertuche, IGNITE Regional Director

After this event:

of girls are more interested in STEM

of girls want to study harder to attend college and further their education


Comments from the Girls:

-The little VR Robot (Max) inspired us by showing that anything is possible.
-I loved the VR and augmented reality. I also just like how there are so many jobs at a tech company. The event was great! Do more of these.
-I enjoyed the VR system. I was inspired because I saw a lot of females.
-I really enjoyed everything! Everything was just so interesting and I liked knowing how it worked.
-I enjoyed talking to the person from the diversity sector.
-This event inspired me to pursue what I love to do.
-The video games were the highlight because now we know what goes into them.