IGNITE Event at Kazimierza Pułaskiego Primary School Warka, Poland


December 13, 2019 | IGNITE Worldwide Event at Kazimierza Pułaskiego Primary School | by Katarzyna Dymnicka

On Dec. 13, 12 girls from 6th and 7th grade (11-12 years old), participated in an IGNITE event at Public Primary School No. 2, Kazimierza Pułaskiego, in Warka, Poland.

The girls met Ms. Dorota Madej, an expert in the field of IT who conducts workshops for students and teachers using Apple computers. Her passion is providing knowledge and inspiring others with new technologies.

Ms. Dorota shared that her studies weren’t connected with IT at all, but during her work experience her personal path led her to new technologies and she combined that with the educational sector in order to spread the knowledge to others. She told the girls what kind of professions will be available in the future - and some of them don’t exist yet! Ms. Dorota also shared what skills will be needed to succeed in these professions, like creativity, cooperation, and problem solving. The girls were very interested and surprised about the future job possibilities.

The second part of the event was devoted to a programming workshop. Girls learned about programming and then created their own programming stories based on a game. Everyone enjoyed the activity - they were very involved and didn’t want to stop! Girls asked the expert about her experience in IT, whether it’s hard to learn, what programming can be used for, and what kind of STEM paths she recommends. Ms. Dorota highlighted that it is very important to explore new paths and possibilities.

The girls enjoyed the event so much that they even requested to extend the meeting, and that’s what we did - we extended for almost an hour!

Girls commented that the event was very inspiring and they enjoyed programming the most. Many of them requested to have workshops every week! One girl said that she realized how important it is to embrace unconventional thinking.

We would like to thank the expert, Ms. Dorota Madej, who gave her heart in working with the girls. Special thanks to the IGNITE team, without whom such a great experience would not exist. Thanks to Ms. Anna Wilczyńska, who coordinated the events at the school, and to everyone who volunteered to make such an inspiring day!