5 Tips to Make Your IGNITE Worldwide Peer to Peer Fundraiser a Success

We need your help to bring IGNITE Worldwide to 4,000 girls at 20 underfunded schools. You are invited to start your own peer to peer fundraiser in support of our back to school campaign, the IGNITE Impact100!

You can start your own fundraiser and personalize it with a custom message about why you support our mission. Once you’ve created your fundraiser page, it’s time to share the link with your network! If you raise $1,000 or more, you will be recognized as an official member of the IGNITE Impact100.

1. Start with your inner circles

Think of 5-10 people you are closest to – your friends and family – and send them a personalized note about why this cause matters to you, and ask for their support.

2. Connect with small groups

Bring together small communities of people who know each other. Send them a personalized group message and ask for their support. One person’s donation will encourage the others to give.

3. Thank and acknowledge

When you see that someone has donated to your peer to peer campaign, send them a thank you text, mail a handwritten note, and/or acknowledge their support publicly on your social media!

4. Get it matched

Many employers will match employee donations! Matching donations bring in a large amount of funding for IGNITE Worldwide programs, so please be sure to remind your supporters to match their donations. You can check if your employer matches donations here.

5. Encourage others to fundraise

Think of the people you know who are as passionate as you are about gender equity in STEM. Let them know that they can start their own fundraiser to support girls in STEM too!

By implementing these strategies, you can help raise funds from your network to support STEM education and career exposure for thousands of IGNITE girls!

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