Congratulations from IGNITE Worldwide, Nigeria!


IGNITE Worldwide, Nigeria, precisely Ilorin Chapter congratulates you on your well deserved Award of Honored, as the GeekWire 2021 STEM Educator of the Year Award Winner, May 18, 2021.

I, Abdulraheem Abdulhakeem O., IGNITE Nigeria Leader, would like to say to you more glory, the IGNITE Worldwide Nigeria says more happy returns, IGNITE Worldwide Gender Equity Initiative also added to say CONGRATULATIONS to you.

A brief get-together to commemorate your award of honour, as the GeekWire 2021 STEM Educator organized by IGNITE Ilorin under my watch, was held today May, 24/05/2021 with UNMA elementary School in the City of Ilorin.

The get-together was a 45 minutes celebration of IGNITE Worldwide and you in particular. Some pictures were taken at the event. The pupils were happy to know more about what IGNITE is, why they should do IGNITE program, and who the IGNITE Worldwide CEO & Founder is. It with was a good rejoice of your excellent honour.

The event that was started by 10:00am ended at about 11:00am. It was colourful with the photos attached, and I appreciated the pupils and their teachers for choosing IGNITE.

Thank you, and more blessing.

Abdulraheem A. O.IGNITE Nigeria